All-in-One 40W / 60W LED Solar Street Light Lamp with Motion Sensor

All-in-One 40W / 60W LED Solar Street Light Lamp with Motion Sensor

All-in-One 40W / 60W Solar Street Light Lamp with Motion Sensor SW-A040


/ SW-A060



Suitable for Highway & Expressway


Best solution for Solar Street Light Project, especially for Highway and Expressway. Best illumination performance than ever with Selective Components and Perfect Design. Easy for installation.



Key Features:

  • Fully customizable with many options

  • Superior brightness Bridgelux LED inside

  • High efficiency (22%) monocrystalline solar panel

  • Automatically turning on and off according to brightness

  • Motion Sensor, Time Control Intelligent Mode available

  • Cost-effective 

  • Easy maintenance on battery, controller and LED lamp

  • Certified for CE, ROHS, IP65 Standards




  • Light source: 40W
  • LED Chip: 60pcs, SMD3030
  • Lumen: 4800-5000LM
  • Color temp.: 6500K
  • Solar Panel: 50W, mono
  • Lithium battery: 12V/20AH
  • Lamp Size (MM): 1080*355*44
  • Mounting Height: 6-7m



  • Light source: 60W
  • LED Chip: 60pcs, SMD3030
  • Lumen: 7200-7500LM
  • Color temp.: 6500K
  • Solar Panel: 70W, mono
  • Lithium battery: 12V/30AH
  • Lamp Size (MM): 1160*355*44
  • Mounting Height: 6-7m


General Specs:

  • Charging time:6h
  • Daily work time > 10h
  • Backup days: 5-7 rainy days
  • Working Mode: Light control, PIR human sensor control, timer control.
  • Working temp.: -20℃~+65℃
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • PIR Sensor: 6-12m
  • Protection Rate:IP65
  • Warranty: 3 years.


Solar Panel


Our solar outdoor lights use highly efficient mono crystalline solar panels as powering source. Its 22% charging efficiency is significantly higher than standard mono crystalline (17%) or polycrystalline panels.



LED Lamp

  • Our High quality LED are designed to last for over 100,000 hours in harsh weather conditions, thanks to its waterproof design and thorough quality control.
  • BridgeLux LED possesses high brightness and low light decay, makes our solar LED street light better performance in lumin and lifespan.
  • Our patented special light distribution lens vastly improves the illumination area. Compared with competitor products, illumination area is increased by 40% , and illumination uniformity is improved by up to 170%.





  • As the control unit of any solar powered light, the controller plays a critical role. Therefore, our Solar light is equipped with more reliable PWM controller than commonly used in other brands. It also has protection for over-current, over-voltage, over-heating for quality control.
  • Our solar light also provides MPPT (Maximum PowerPoint Tracking) Controller as optional, it can offer 20%-25% higher charging efficiency than PWM Controller.



Lithium Battery

  • Best-in-class Level A LiFePO4 batteries are used in our solar outdoor lights. It features not only up to 7 times’ longer lifespan than lead-acid but also has unique charging depth protection.
  • It highly increases the lifespan of battery to over 8 years.



Motion Sensor


Our all in one solar street lights come complete with a built-in motion detection system that automatically regulates the LED light source from full bright (100%) to the energy saving output (30%) to increase battery autonomy if needed or preferred, i.e. during prolonged periods of cloud cover or to reduce light pollution.



IoT Based Smart Control System (Optional Function)


Internet-of-Things (IoT) Based Smart Control System provide easy-communication between every solar powered street light via 433MHz and GPRS. Users can operate and monitor the performance of each outdoor street light remotely, as well as change the LED lighting operation setting and adjust the brightness of each solar led light.

Every Smart Control System for solar street light has two parts, “Smart Control Kit” and wireless Control Module which is integrated in the street lamp. 

  • Smart control kit needs to insert one local SIM card firstly, to enable communication and remote control by phone, PC and tablet.
  • Smart control kit is the control centre that connects and controls all the lamps which has the built-in Control Module. 

So users can easily get all daily lamp data (charging time, dicharging time, battery left, etc.), and also can adjust LED power for every lamp remotely. This optional function makes street lights all under control intelligently.





HD Wireless IP Camera (Optional Function)


In some special regions and countries, there is a great desire on both lighting and monitoring for their street and community, or construction site and personal mine or pond. It is very inconvenient to install the lights and IP cameras separately, not mention the wiring and shortage of electricity.

We integrate our wireless HD cameras into our all-in-one solar street lights. 

This model, all-in-one solar lighting camera provides WIFI or 4G version of camera, and LED power ranges from 30watt to 120watt. So it covers most of customers’ needs.

Default dome camera is with 2.0M pixels and can be easily controlled and monitored via APP in the phone or tablet (iOS/Android) and PC.



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