IRONskin Superior Latex Exam Gloves Powder-free

IRONskin Superior Latex Exam Gloves Powder-free



Am Sales & Marketing Safety Products IRONskin Superior Latex Exam Gloves Powder-free





Latex Gloves are good chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and detergents. It has excellent flexibility, good barrier protection against blood-borne pathogens and other substances. And users like is because of it’s supple feel since it is naturally a super elastic material. If the surface are treated well, the glove gives a good tacky grip compared to other gloves. In addition, it is generally more affordable and biodegradable. Thus, it is a environmental friendly product.




A wide range of best selling disposable latex gloves, for a huge range of applications at fantastic prices! Latex Gloves are usually referring to Natural Rubber Latex Gloves. However, to be more precise, the word “latex” does not necessary refer to natural rubber (NR), but since the most common gloves are made of natural rubber, the word “latex glove” is now mostly referring to the glove that is made from natural rubber material.


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Packing 100 PCS/BOX
Size L

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