Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System for GP, Dental, Aesthetics and Rehab Clinics

New Electronic Medical Record (EMR) System for GP, Dental, Aesthetics and Rehab Clinics





The Most Affordable Solution for Streamlined Medical Clinic Management


JIVE ERP is not just an EMR system but it is an all-in-one solution for GP, Dental, Aesthetics & Rehab Clinic Management.




Patient Queue Management

Seamlessly manage patient queue in the clinic with our clinic queue management system. Our user-friendly interface allows quick access to patient information during consultancy, ensuring optimal efficiency.


Appointment Management

Jive ERP offers a user-friendly interface that allows your staff to easily manage appointments, assign doctors, and track availability.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Our ERP system offers a centralized database to effectively manage patient electronic medical records (EMR), including medical history, prescriptions, and lab reports. Say goodbye to illegible handwritten notes and tedious paperwork. With just a few clicks, access all the vital information you need for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment plans.


Point of sales & Billing

Eliminate billing errors and optimize revenue collection with our automated billing and financial management tools. Easily generate invoices, process payments, and track outstanding balances, ensuring complete transparency and accuracy.


Insurance Management

Say goodbye to manual insurance calculations & billing, as our intelligent system automatically calculates insurance claims and generates invoices for TPA & insurance billing.


Inventory & Drug dispensing Management

Reduce stock wastages, leakages and maintain optimal inventory levels of medications, medical supplies, and equipment with our integrated inventory management module. Our systems comes with flexible Unit of Measurement setting with Weighted Average Costing to help you manage your drugs dispensing & billing accurately. Other features include inventory batches & expiry dates tracking as well as multi-branches inventory location all within the same platform to enable easy transfer of inventory between branches. 


Locums & Doctors Commissions

With our automated locum salary calculation tool, you can say goodbye to errors and time-consuming manual calculations. Our user-friendly interface intelligently tracks necessary data, such as hours worked, shift differentials, and overtime. The software then takes care of all the complex calculations, ensuring accurate and efficient salary generation.

Not only does our solution save you time and money, but it also provides increased transparency. The detailed breakdown of each locum professional’s salary & staff overtime and commission allows you to clearly communicate their earnings to both your staff and locums. This transparency fosters trust and prevents any potential misunderstandings, promoting healthy professional relationships.


Staff attendance, leave & claims

Say goodble to manual paper submission for staff leave and claims application. JIVE ERP enables real-time leave application and approval regardless of where you are located. Avoid the hassle of paperwork and filing for claims submission, approval and recording. Simply apply and approve claims with just a few clicks.


Google Review & Patient feedback

Collect 5 stars google review for your clinics & keep negative feedbacks private


Manage Locum Doctors & staffs performance

Manage staff performance with our staff KPI monitoring dashboard


Sales Dashboard

Monitor and compare all branches performance in one glance


Analytics & Reporting

Make informed decisions driven by data! Our ERP system provides comprehensive analytics and reporting functionalities, offering valuable insights into clinic operations, patient outcomes, and financial performance. Forecast trends, identify areas for improvement, and optimize resource allocation effortlessly.


Don’t let the administrative burdens hinder your clinic’s potential. Embrace efficiency, accuracy, and exceptional patient care with our state-of-the-art Medical Clinic ERP system.


Why Choose JIVE ERP?

  • No set up required. Just plug & play
  • User Friendly
  • No contractual commitment
  • Enjoy continuous new features
  • Customisable to your business
  • Stable & reliable system
  • SSL Encryption to protect your data security


Contact us today at 016-211 3369 or register here https://jiveerp.com/contact/  for a demo and FREE TRIAL.

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