ND-9528 Soft Ice Cream Machine with automatic pasteurization system

ND-9528 Soft Ice Cream Machine with automatic pasteurization system

ND-9528 Soft Ice Cream Machine with automatic pasteurization system 


Professional Ice Cream Making System 


  • Choose our automatic pasteurization system, no need to clean within 14 days.
  • Avoid cumbersome cleaning every 2-3 days. Reduced labor costs.
  • Frequent cleaning leads to a lot of waste of raw materials. Reduced raw material costs 


Strong production capacity

Equipped with an extended refrigerating cylinder to ensure continuous production during busy hours


Optional nozzles

Can produce different shapes of ice cream to meet customer needs 

Keep fresh

In the fresh-keeping mode, the material in the trough and the refrigerating tank can be kept below 7 C. allowing the raw materials to be stored for a longer period of time.


Strong thaw

Due to external factors or operational errors. the freezing cylinder can quickly thaw the raw materials in the refrigeration cylinder and resume production.


Air expansion rate

Use adjustable puffing rods to avoid puffing pumps that are difficult to clean, food hygiene is safer, and the expansion rate can reach ideal 30%-40%


Operation and maintenance

Easy to use microcomputer control. button operation. digital fault display function, fault information at a glance


Cylinder stirring device

Avoid slurry causing agglomeration by stirring the slurry


Body full food grade 304

Durable and elegant



Special noise reduction treatment. 

Automatic sterilization - Keep hygiene at all times to reduce raw material loss 
Good ice cream - 30-40% expansion rate, providing mellow and smooth taste

Silent energy saving - Advanced noise reduction technology 
Strong manufacturing ability -  The whole machine can make up to 600 / hour 
Safe and secure design -  Equipped with scraper safety protection for safe operation 
Good durability - long lasting 
Feeding tank seamless docking process Keep hygiene at all times to reduce the loss of raw materials, so that bacteria have nowhere to hide. 


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