Raychem RSRB-4046 (120-300mm2) Bushing Right Angle

Raychem RSRB-4046 (120-300mm2) Bushing Right Angle







Raychem RSRB-4046 (120-300mm2) Bushing Right Angle


Raychem Heat-Shrink  Bushing Boots Up To 11KV


TE Connectivity (TE)’s Raychem heat-shrink insulating boots are moulded parts, that fit over the connection between a termination’s cable lug and an equipment bushing, to provide phase-to-phase and phase-to-ground insulation. They are used in switchgear and transformer cable boxes, where air clearances are insufficient for normal operation,
and they also protect against flashover caused by rodents or high humidity.

The non-tracking heat-shrink material has excellent erosion resistance, dielectric properties and environmental resistance, giving superb performance in areas of high humidity and electrical stress.

TE’s Raychem RSRB boots can be used with all TE’s Raychem heatshrink terminations and are quick and easy to install.



• Protects against flash over
e.g. due to rodents or extreme humidity
• High-performance insulation material
• Excellent track and erosion resistance
• Available for inline and right angle applications
• Quick and easy installation





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  • Brand: Raychem
  • Product Code: RAYCHEM RSRB-4046 (120-300mm2)
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