Raychem TKN-50/95-NO-650 11KV 3Core XLPE Termination Kits

Raychem TKN-50/95-NO-650 11KV 3Core XLPE Termination Kits







Raychem TKN-50/95-NO-650 11KV 3Core XLPE


Termination Kits



Ehancing the realibity of cable networks


Under the well - established brand names Guro nd Raychem, Tyco Electronnics offers a comprehensive range of cable accessories for all cables tyres.  The most innovative utilities and industries - including, miniring, marine, offshore and nuclear - around the world use our power cable accessories. Designed to withsand enviromental extremes and high polution levels over long operating lifetimes, they help maintain service reliability in both overhead and under - ground installations. We have developed special formulated insulations. We have developed specially formulated insulations materials that resist tracking and degradation caused by erosion , ultraviolet light and other enviroment stresses. 



Customer Requirements 



Advanced materials research and development and constant improvement programmes are helping us to increase our responsiveness to customer require-ments and to meet the demands of modern cable networks: 


  • Fewer components
  • Simplified cable preparation
  •  Fast installation  
  • Safe for installer and environment
  • Consistent approach for all cable types and voltage classes
  • High reliability
  • Quialification to international specifica-tions, such as IEC, CENELEC, IEEE, ANSI and GUST



Product Features 


Basic design and material research have been systematically improved over more than three decades Through research in close cooperation with our customers has produced new materials for the electrical power industry.The result is a wide range of products with a unique combination of properties such as:


  • Increased resistance to thermal ageing 
  • Insulation-thickness memory 
  • Shape memory 
  • Excellent resistance to surface electrical activity 
  • improved UV performance
  • Electrical stress control
  • Void-free interfacial bonding
  •  impermeability to cable oils
  • Moisture blocking a Improved flame resistance
  • Elastomeric technology
  • Mechanic-al connecting systems
  • High radiation resistance



Low-voltage Joints 


Guro and Raychem products offer excel-lent insulating and sealing performance with heat-shrinkable, gel and resin materials. These proven materials form the basis of straight and branch joints for voltages up to 1 kV. 


  • Heat-shrink, resin, gel technologies 
  • Environmentally friendly sealants 
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Re-instatement and energisation can follow immediately after installation 
  • Solutions for all cable constructions 



Low-voltage Terminations 


Consistent performance in harsh environmerits - such as extreme temperatures.. atmospheric pollution, and ultraviolet light - has proved the reliability of Raychem terminations


  • Heat-shrink technology
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Solutions for all cable constructions


Cable Faecithroughs


These proven sealing systems are designed for plastic, concrete or steel duct cable entries into buildings and manholes 


  • Heat•shrink and cold appliacl technologies 
  • Performance tested
  • Excellent heat dissipation  
  • Fast, easy and reliable sealing methods 
  • Easy removal for quick re-entry 
  • Environmentally friendly


Medium-voltage Terminations 


Our medum-voltage termination have been used by utilities and industrial organisations worlwide for more than three decades. 


  • Heat shrink and elastomeric technologies
  • Impedance stress - control system 
  • ceramic stress control system
  • Proven anti tracking, erosion nd UV resistant insulting material for indoor and outdoor applications 
  • Easy and highly reliable installation 
  • Range Takin 
  • Suitable for crimp, soldered and mechanical lugs 
  • Resistant to breakage and vandalism
  • Solution for all cable construction 


Medium Voltage Switchgear Connection Systems 


Heat Shrink and cold-applied systems for switchgear with standardized bushings for 250A and 400/630A have been installed by utilities and industrial orgaisations worldwide for more than 15 years 


  • Heat shrink and elastomeric technologies 
  • Right - angle insulated boots
  • Searable screened adaptor systems for 250A and 400/630A
  • Straight insulated boots 
  • Separable insulated adaptor systems 
  • Suitable for crimp and mechanical lugs
  • Easy and highly reliable installation 
  • Solutions for all cable constructions 


High voltage Joints and Termination


Using its knowledge ad exxperiance in the field of material design, Raychem has pioneered some of the most important technical advances in cable accessory technology. Heat shrinkable accessories are well accepted fro medium voltage distribution by uttilities, equipment manufacturers and industrial users throughhout the world. For fifteen years, accessories have also been available for 69kV, 72kV and 84kV tranmissions for indoor ad outdoor switchgear and transformers


  • Heat shrink and elastomeric technolgies
  • Coss-bonding, shield-break and external grounding facilities 
  • Link boxes for cross bonding 
  • Mechanical lugs and connectors 
  • Joints and termiations have been proven by extensive use in the field 
  • Testing to international standards under  the supervision of independent test institiutes 
  • Suitable for all polymeric cables 





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