Siemens Relfa 220-240V Door Chime (Bulit-In Transformer) (White) (5TD1351-3PC01)

Siemens Relfa 220-240V Door Chime (Bulit-In Transformer) (White) (5TD1351-3PC01)






Siemens Relfa 220-240V Door Chime (Bulit-In Transformer) (White) (5TD1351-3PC01)


1. Made of flame-retardant ABS shell, streamlined design, practical and durable.
2. Mechanical doorbell design for use with most doorbell switches.
3. Compact size, light weight, wall-mounted installation is simple and convenient.
4. With 85-90db loud doorbell chime, easy to be heard when someone is pressing the doorbell for ess.
5. The installation is simple and convenient, no battery is installed, and the power supply is directly connected.
6. Compliance with (IEC 61558-1, IEC 61558-2-8) for mechnical door chime.
7. Siemens door chime offers a two-tone mechanical Ding Dong Chimes with a wavy design in white color that will inspire any home.

2 Wired Mechanical Ding Dong Door Chime
Part Number : 5TD1351-3PC01 (Built-in Transformer)
Signal : 2 Tones
Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Tones : 80 dB @ 0.5m
Color : White
IP Rating : IP20
Dimension (mm) : 106(L) x 170 (W) x 46 (H)
Mounting Center (mm) : 140.3
Compliance to : For 5TD1351-3PC01 (IEC 61558-1, IEC 61558-2-8)
Working Temperature : -10 ~ 55°C
Storage Temperature : -20 ~ 85°C

Installation Guide with AC Connection
1) Detach the chime cover by inserting screwdriver and twist.
2) Connect the doorbell switch terminal with two flexible wires connected outside the Ding Dong doorbell switch.
3) Drill three holes by placing the template in the desired location on the wall. Ensure the hole cent res align vertically, Insert the screws into mounting holes and drive in the screws tightly.
4) Short press bell press switch to make "Ding" Sound, then release bell press switch to make "Dong" Sound.





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