NAO V6 Research And Education Humanoid Robot by Robopreneur

NAO V6 Research And Education Humanoid Robot by Robopreneur


NAO V6 Research And Education Humanoid Robot


Attractive programmable platform:

Create a unique human-robot interaction experience and leverage it to a new level


  1. Speech Recognition - More than 20 languages
  2. Fall Manager - Detects falls & trigger the protection
  3. Fall Recovery - Able to stand up alone


6 Major Areas of Hardware Improvement


1. Power
NAO6 benefits from the progress made on Pepper which makes it more powerful


2. Vision
With its new cameras, NAO6 better detects people. Dual stream of the top and bottom cameras is now supported 


3. Audio 
NAO6 hears and understands a lot better making dialog a full part of the interactions


4. Motion
Thanks to its new motors, NAO6 can move longer without overheating


5. Robustness
NAO6 benefits from man robustness improvements on motors and fingers providing an extended lifetime


6. Connectivity 
NAO6 is more connected than ever with Bluetooth and a more efficient and faster Wi-Fi


Value Proposition for Education


Efficient Solution to Inclusive Education


  • Promote inclusivity - engage special education. e.g. autism and students with disabilities 
  • Barrier-free communication (Reduce shyness, reluctance, confidence and frustration)
  • Various ready-to-use application are available by our partners - accessible and upgradable 

Optimized Teaching-Aid Tool


  • New and innovative pedagogical topics - sharpen concentration and focus
  • Tailored and flexible teaching programs - motivate STEM subjects and encourage creativity (eg: Open Roberta)
  • Enable remote education - virtual presence and distance learning


Advanced Development Platform


  • Innovative platform allows development from simple concepts to complex algorithms
  • Visual and intuitive programming interface problem solving and analytical skills development




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