SANBOT Smart Hospitality Business Mobile Robot by Robopreneur

SANBOT Smart Hospitality Business Mobile Robot by Robopreneur


SANBOT Smart Hospitality Business Mobile Robot




Voice Interaction
Sanbot will respond to your voice commands such as "Sanbot, play music". You can also chat with Sanbot easily, such as asking Sanbot to do a self-introduction


Obstacle Avoidance
Embedded with more than 10 obstacle detectors, Sanbot can working or moving, keeping itself and the surrounding users safe.


Facial Interaction
Sanbot is not only able to recognize you and your family members but also register visitors. Sanbot will challenge unknown strangers.


Magic Audio - Visual Experience
Equipped with a unique 3D camera and HD laser projector, you will enjoy high quality home theatre and the immersive experience of games. Bring excitement to commercial activities such as lectures or conferences


Voice Localization
Fused with advanced microphone array technology, Sanbot can locate you by your voice immediately, and turn to the angle where the voice comes from


Brilliant Tutor
Sanbot is a brilliant tutor for anyone and everyone engaged in learning. Sanbot's self-learning capability and cloud based services information platform enables access to a massive on-line repository of subject matter


Health Care Management
Sanbot is an intelligent health care companion and care giver. Sanbot can remind patients and seniors to take their medicines on schedule and even issues alerts and warnings when their activity is causing a rise in blood pressure


Always Online
There is no need to worry that Sanbot will go offline because of low battery as Sanbot can find the charging station and get charged automatically. Just enjoy the smart life continuously, even when you are away or outside.


Video Chat
Sanbot's easy-to-use video chat eliminated time and distance limitations, which is greater for the business meetings, health consultations, tele-education and more







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