Pillow Automatic Packing Machine ZP-400

Pillow Automatic Packing Machine ZP-400



Uki Food Technology Sdn Bhd



Pillow Automatic Packing Machine ZP-400



  • The bag length is automatically detected and set by the equipment without manual setting.

  • Simplified mechanical structure with dual-frequency converter,is easy to maintain,has little vibration,little wear and long life.

  • The main control circuit adopts the single chip microcomputer developed by our own company,displayed by touch screen and controlled by frequency converter.Perfect HMI makes the operation centralized and convenient .

  • Dual frequency converter is adopted to control packaging speed and bag length.Stepless shift and wide adjustable range make the machine match well with the former working procedure.

  • High sensitization electric eyes can follow the object automatically and accurately.

  • Independent temperature control for each sealer makes the appearance beautiful and firm,and suitable for various of flexbile packing material.

  • Device for intermission charging and alcohol spray can be mounted.

  • Equiped with brusher on vertical seal,which help deliver material.



Specifications :




Packing Speed:

35-180 Bag/Min

Bag Size:

(L)100 - 300mm (W)30 - 160mm (H)5 - 35mm

Film Width:

90 - 420mm





Machine Size:

4000 x 950 x 1600mm



Packaging Samples:





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