Automatic Spiral Mixer KL-203

Automatic Spiral Mixer KL-203



Uki Food Technology Sdn Bhd



Automatic Spiral Mixer KL-203




This mixer can mix powder ball, crisp and stuff containing less than 75% water. The machine has fast and slow two kinds of speed, and the mixing tube moves round left and right, to knead, rub, pinch, mix, twist, and sprain. It can easily mix all kinds of powder balls within the shortest time.


Features : 


  • Small size.
  • Do not occupy much space.
  • Strong power
  • High safety
  • Double timers control automatically, and simple operation.
  • The stainless steel mixing tube safety cover and mixer conform to hygiene standard, and it is therefore suitable for store or small-scale factory.​


Specifications :


Model KL-203 KL-204 KL-205 KL-206
Flour 75KG 100KG 125KG 150KG
Dough 120KG 160KG 200KG 240KG
Capacity 220 Liter 260 Liter 300 Liter 360 Liter
Tank Diameter 850mm 850mm 900mm 1000mm
Tank Depth 400mm 460mm 475mm 460mm
Tank R.P.M 115-230 115-230 115-230 115-230
Hook R.P.M 25 25 25 25
Horsepower 10-2HP Strong 10-2HP 12-3HP 15-3HP
Net Weight 800KG 830KG 870KG 930KG
Machine Size 148 x 90 x 133M 148 x 90 x 133CM 153 x 94 x 135CM 160 x 105 x 135CM


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