Heat Conduction Cooking Mixer GF-280B

Heat Conduction Cooking Mixer GF-280B



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Heat Conduction Cooking Mixer  GF-280B



Features : 


  • For dessert cooking and mixing: Paste, jam, sugar, cream, candy
  • For food cooking and mixing: Meat, vegetables, soup, rice, sauce
  • Single-layer pot (bowl): It is direct fire, so the heating is really fast, good for stir-fried dish and ingredients that is not easy to stick on the bowl, not suitable for ingredients that are easily being bunt. 

Specifications :


Model: GF-280B (Tilting Type), Single layer bowl + Single stove base
Capacity 80L 150L 200L 250L
Power 1HP 1.5HP 2HP 2HP
RPM 15
Bowl Dia 715mm 850mm 910mm 970mm
Boql Depth 320mm 380mm 420mm  

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