Multi-function Automatic Encrusting Machine 200M

Multi-function Automatic Encrusting Machine 200M



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Multi-function Automatic Encrusting Machine 200M    



Description : 


  • The dough is kneaded by the first roller wheel, when you can adjust the thickness of the dough, and rolled by rotary rollers made of two roller wheels and a roller wheel by the way of flapping bit by bit to make the dough more Polish, weight and quality are stable. The kneaded by shapely wheel which can adjust the thickness of the dough, according to the customer's requirements.
  • The roll-up wheel will roll the dough into strip.
  • Have a built-in PLC system, may automatically adjust the speed of roller wheel. The degree of automatic is high.
  • The main machine has three kinds of wheel width specification, users can choose according to their requirements. (also can order because of special requirements)



Features :

  • Rotary rollers make quick reducer gauging station to reduce the dough thickness by a maximum factor of 6:1(Depending on the dough type and quality)
  • A luminous machine parts are made from the specific food material made in Japan.


Specifications :


Model Capacity Weight Range of Product Conveyor Width Power Size (LxWxH)
130S 1000-6000 20-80g 130mm 3PH 415VC 50Hz 385 x 107 x 173cm
200M 20-100g 200mm 385x116x173cm
300L 30-150g 300mm 385x130x173cm


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