Tunnel Oven BKS-1418Q   

Tunnel Oven BKS-1418Q   



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Tunnel Oven BKS-1418Q  



A professional long baking oven which can provide continuous baking with large-scale capacity, high efficiency and labor-saving.  It is suit for batch production.The baking objects are Pie, Cake, Hamburger, Toast, Baguette, Biscuit, Jerky etc.


  • Temperature is controlled by the top and bottom fire in sectional controlling way, and can be adjusted for different products.
  • The top and bottom fires are separated and sectional controlled. The speed should be adjusted for different products' different baking time. Stable baking quality.
  • With full-automatic transportation line in and out of tunnel oven, Can be equipped with assembly line.
  • Can be equipped with PLC controlling system, realizing full intelligent and automatic controlling.
  • It is researched and manufactured according Japanese technique crystallization.
  • The safety control system is comprised of international advanced elements.
  • The framework of main body is made of enlarged and strongly steel, which is high quality, avoiding distorts due to overheat. Adapted international well-know heat preservation material attain the best heat preservation efficiency.
  • Perfect mixing burning way attains completely well burnable, saving fuel cost.
  • Baking range is wide, and the baking product possesses better moisturizing properties, taste good.
  • It can be ordered according to air source and the length of tunnel oven, maximum satisfies customer¡¯s need.


Specifications :


Model Source Specs Tray ' Size Volts Power Size(cm) N.W.
BKS-1418Q Gas Two Trays a Line 40 x 60cm 380 8kw 1800 x 200 x 165 660kg/m

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