Vertical Automatic Packing Machine SK-200

Vertical Automatic Packing Machine SK-200



Uki Food Technology Sdn Bhd



Vertical Automatic Packing Machine SK-200






Suitable for packing 50-1000ml solid product with different metering device.Such as rice,peanuts,walnuts,almond,seeds,sugar,salt,milk powder,chilli powder,chocolate,candy,dried food,fruit flake,potato chips,prawn cracker,cakes,biscuits,frozen food,fried food,hardware,accessories,spare parts,toys and so on.



Features : 



  • Panasonnic PLC controller and touch screen interface for easy operation.

  • Intelligent temperature control system.

  • Servo driver for film pulling system.

  • Photo sensor for automatic tracking eye marks.

  • Date printer and film feeding system syschronous working.

  • Stainless steel and powder coated carbon steel machines for different requested.

  • The overall machine is simple in structure and reliable in control. 



Optional Function Vertical Packaging Machine   :


  • Hole punch device 

  • Tear notch device 

  • Link bag device 

  •  Flip device 

  • Gusset bag 

  •  Dust collected device 

  • Static charge Eliminator 

  •  PE bag device 


Vertical Packaging Machine Optional External Device: 

  • Air Compressor 

  • Check weigher 

  •  Metal detector

  • Nitrogen device



Specifications :


Model: SK-200
Film Width: Max. 380mm
Bag Length: 60 - 230mm
Bag Width: 50 - 180mm
Packing Speed: 5-70 Bag/Min



Complete Set:


vertical packaging           vertical packaging



vertical packaging

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