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Centrifugal Oil Cleaner (Pre
ssure Driven)

Centrifugal Oil Cleaner (Pressure Driven)   Centrifugal Oil Cleaner Working Principle..

Disc Type Centrifugal 3 Ways

Application: The disc-type centrifugal separator is 3 way separation design. It able to separ..

Electrostatic Oil Cleaner

  Electrostatic Oil Cleaner   ES is the leading supplier for this equipment i..

Oil Waste Purification &
Treatment Service

  Enlightened Summit Sdn Bhd (ES) commenced operation in the year 2000. In line with..

Transformer Oil Filtration

Transformer Oil Filtration   Transformer oil is widely uses in power supply industrie..

Transformer Oil Regeneration

  Transformer Oil Regeneration   Transformer Oil Regeneration Plant is used t..

Vacuum Dehydration Plant

  Vacuum Dehydration Plant This equipment is designed specifically for removing w..

Vacuum Impregnation Plant

  Vacuum Impregnation Plant   Vacuum impregnation is the most important p..