HuaHeng Welding

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Close Weld Heads Orbital Wel
ding-HH Automation

Product Description This is a specially designed orbital TIG welding head without wir..

Column and Boom-HH Automatio

The column & boom is one of the main equipments for welding boiler, pressure vessel, pipeline an..

EasyCut Plus Oxy-Fuel/Plasma
CNC Cutting Machine-HH Automation

The EasyCut Plus CNC cutting system is a upgraded heavy-duty CNC cutting system for metal sheet. The..

EasyCut-T Plasma CNC Cutting
Machine-HH Automation

Cost effective, lowest initial investment Simple installation, ready to use when unload from co..

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine-
HH Automation

HH Fiber Laser Cutting Machine adopts IPG Fiber Laser (US) with up to 30%wall-plug efficiency,w..

ProCut CNC Flame Plasma Cutt
ing Machine-HH Automation

This cutting machine is a precision heavy duty CNC cutting machine that is the perfect knot for high..

Rotators-HH Automation

The rollers are widely used for automotive circumferential seam welding applications. Th..