PROMOTECH Smart Tools For Heavy Tasks Magnetic Base Drilling Machine PRO 51

PROMOTECH Smart Tools For Heavy Tasks Magnetic Base Drilling Machine PRO 51


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                                  PROMOTECH Smart Tools For Heavy Tasks


                                     Magnetic Base Drilling Machine PRO 51




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Standard shipping set:

  • Magnetic Base drilling machine
  • metal box
  • MT2 Arbor with 19mm Weldon Bore – with cooling ring
  • swarf shield/cutter guide
  • coolant bottle assembly
  • safety chain with snap hook
  • set of tools with wedge
  • operator’s manual (english)
  • standard shipping weight – 26.1kg (56 lbs 5 oz)


Selected additional accessories:

  • PMT-UCW-0285-03-00-00-0 Quick Change AMTE2-C19/2-2 Continuous cooling Arbor with ring
  • PMT-PDS-0110-03-00-01-0 DMP0251 pipe attachment
  • PMT-PDS-0111-10-00-01-0 DMP0500 pipe attachment
  • PMT-KNC-0399-09-00-00-0 cooling attachment for twist drilling
  • PMT-UKL-0440-16-00-00-0 pressure coolant system 2I





Spindle MT2
Tool holder 19mm(3/4) Weldon
Milling Cutter (Core drill) Ø max 51mm (2")
Twist drill Ø max 23mm (7/8")
Countersinking Ø max 50mm (2")
Stroke 53mm (6")
Max depth of cut 51mm (2")
Voltage 115V/60Hz or 230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption [W] 1300
Motor Power [W] 1260
Speeds [rpm] 200
MFSC (Magnetic Field Shape Control) yes
Magnetic clamping force [N] (25mm Ra=1.25) 12000
Magnet base dimensions 90 x 180 x 48 [mm]
3-9/16 x 7-1/16 x 1-7/8 ["]
ESB (energry saving base) yes
MPAC (magnetic power adhesion control) yes
Min. workpiece thickness 8mm (5/16")
Semi-automatic gib adjustment yes
Weight 16.5kg (35lbs 9oz)


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Front Dimension:







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