Coating & Waterproofing

Coating & Waterproofing
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Non shrink grout mortar admixture in cement base The improvement of volume variation and bleeding a..


During construction of concrete structures and retaining walls, there can be some cases where it is..

Elastic Concrete EC

Elastic concrete joints are formed with polyurethane materials of two ingredients and special aggre..

Informer IF

This foams the cement and controls the temperature and humidity and enhances the performance of stru..

Lidener LH

The product can be used if it is necessary to prevent dust from occurring and to increase surface s..

MacTar MT

MacTar MT is an inorganic powder type floor mortar using eco friendly elvan Excellent lower extremi..


The PJS expansion joint which can handle all behaviors of structures and has a perfect waterproofin..

Raphah Alcure RDA

Concrete structures have been rapidly neutralized due to aging and effects of various environmental..

Raphah Bond PB

This product is used for bonding old and new concrete and old and new reinforcing rods In the case ..

Raphah Coat RDC

Recently, corrosion of unused iron bars has worsened due to iron bar corrosion, oxidize rain, air p..

Raphah Down RDS

These days, the corrosion of reinforcement is getting more seriously because of acid rain, air poll..

Raphah Guard

This surface treatment material for finishing inside and outside of concrete is good in terms of bo..

Raphah Sheet ES

The Raphah sheet has a multi layered structure of polymer synthetic resin and is manufactured as an..