All-in-one POS system for Spa, Massage & Beauty Salon

New All-in-one POS system for Spa, Massage & Beauty Salon

Cloud Based POS system for Spa, Massage & Beauty Salon


JIVE ERP is not just a POS system. It is an all-in-one solution for Spa, Massage & Beauty Salons.


Discover Jive ERP features for Spa, Massage & Beauty Salons


Appointment Booking, Scheduling & Reminders

Jive ERP offers a user-friendly interface that allows your staff to easily manage appointments, assign therapists, and track availability. Send auto-reminders to your customers for their upcoming appointments.


Flexible Billing Options

Grow your outlet sales by selling gift vouchers, cash vouchers, service credits and service packages with proper system tracking on the redemption. 


Inventory Management

With Jive ERP, you can efficiently manage your inventory levels, track product usage, and avoid stock wastages.


Centralized Customer Database

With Jive ERP, you can maintain a central database of all your customers, including their preferences, allergies, and previous treatments. This allows you to tailor your services to their specific needs, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.


Automated Staff Commission Plans & Incentives 

The system allows flexible settings on automated staff commission calculation providing transparency & accuracy in commission payment. 


Staff Performance Management

Manage & improve your staff performance with our one-glance daily KPI dashboard and monthly performance dashboard.


Customer Feedback & Google Review

Collect 5 stars google review & keep negative feedbacks private


Attendance, Leave & Claims

Integrated HR management features to enable you to manage your staffs attendance, leave & claims.


Performance Analytics

Understanding your spa, massage or beauty outlet's performance is crucial for making informed decisions. Jive ERP provides comprehensive analytics and reports on key metrics, such as revenue, profit margins, and customer retention rates. This empowers you to identify growth opportunities and optimize your operations accordingly.


Why Choose JIVE ERP?

  • No set up required. Just plug & play
  • User Friendly
  • No contractual commitment
  • Enjoy continuous new features
  • Customisable to your business
  • Stable & reliable system
  • SSL Encryption to protect your data security


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